Knowledge Automation scales across business functions and industries

Advanced AI enables HIRO to deliver end-to-end Knowledge Automation in different industries and diverse business scenarios.

What makes HIRO versatile?

SAP Solution

Integrates seamlessly with existing processes and data structures


Adapts to changing business processes with minimal manual intervention

Hiro Issues

Easy to maintain with ‘replace all’ functionality for exception handling

Based on agile automation methodology, our solutions deliver up to 90% automation by capturing knowledge of the subject matter experts

From real time resolution of IT tickets to proactive inventory alerts, HIRO can handle wide range of tasks with its versatile design.

IT Service Management

Minimize resolution time by automating level 1 & level 2 support tasks in IT Service Management (ITSM)

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Supply Chain Management

Increase supply chain responsiveness by generating proactive alerts in end-to-end Supply Chain

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Transform finance department by automating the knowledge through entire value chain - from accountants to value managers

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Agile Automation Methodology

The agile automation methodology comprises of five phases reducing implementation time to weeks by eliminating process discovery, analysis and re-engineering prior to automating. With Knowledge Automation the implementation phase is limited to integration and training with focus on obtaining immediate automation.

Project Kickoff

Phase 1: Project Kickoff
Implementation starts with project planning, team selection, role assignment and establishing steering committee.


1 week

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Phase 2: Solution Design
Next phase involves designing the solution by identifying existing systems and data required to automate the selected business process.


1 - 2 weeks

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Phase 3: Integration & Training
In this phase integration of existing system and project team training starts in parallel. The phase completes by transferring initial knowledge to HIRO.


2 weeks

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Phase 4: Automation of initial tasks
Initial tasks are sent to HIRO for automation along with paired coaching.


1 week

Hiro List
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Hiro Solutions

Phase 5: Adding incremental knowledge
In final phase, the solution is scaled by adding new knowledge to HIRO, integrating new systems and on-boarding more employees as required.


1 week

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