Why Knowledge Automation?

  • Increase end-to-end process automation rates from 30% to 90%

    By automating an entire process flow, HIRO achieves much higher automation rates

  • Accelerate your digital transformation

    HIRO’s Advanced AI, developed through 20 years of research, works with existing data structures and systems

  • Achieve results in weeks using Agile Automation

    Leverages the unique characteristics of knowledge automation to quickly start automating and scaling your investment

    How Knowledge Automation works

    Hiro Engine Graphic

    HIRO receives tasks to automate directly via APIs from your software systems and converts these into automation tasks.


    Using its Knowledge Automation AI engine, HIRO automatically processes tasks by applying and recombining knowledge acquired through agile automation.


    HIRO acquires knowledge to automate processes directly from your employees through Agile Automation.

    Successful automation of more than 90% help desk tickets at SWISSCOM

    Generating savings worth 100,000 man hours

    “HIRO is a strategic choice that will allow us to grow our service portfolio” – Dr. Berthold Kaib, Senior Vice President, Swisscom

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