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“HIRO is a strategic choice that will allow us grow our service portfolio” – Dr. Berthold Kaib, Senior Vice President, Swisscom
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“With amount of work we have done with HIRO and the knowledge items we have been able to create in the last five years, we see a brilliant future for our automation journey” – Satyajith Mundakkal, VP, Hexaware
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Klöckner & Co.
“Implementing HIRO™ into our IT environment will be one of the levers for the further digital transformation of our company.” – Gisbert Rühl, CEO, Klöckner & Co
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Choice Worx AI
Automating the automation: Using HIRO to reduce operating costs and scale RPA
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Developer Portal

Our developer portal aims at bringing HIRO closer to the developer community. Within developer portal, you can find tutorials, guidelines, concepts, best practices, application examples and HIRO API references.

HIRO Academy

The HIRO Academy provides training material and documentation for users of all roles and expertise. Content varies from self-learning, to on-site training, to coaching. Academy defines the certification process for users in HIRO roles of "SME", "Knowledge Expert", "Admin", and "Developer".

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